ORNO - lat. ornare, to decorate - stands for a modern and young luxury brand that deals with aesthetics, perfect products and important topics of our time - social responsibility, sustainable raw material treatment and a conscious and holistic value chain.
We, Benedikt & Lukas, founded ORNO in 2017.
Since then, we have been working on our idea of a luxury brand.

Our home is Munich.
Our production in Perugia.
Our claim is a perfect product.


Our ORNO production is in the heart of Italy - in Perugia.
A family business with a long tradition. A place of craft and art. A place where our designs are translated into leather jewelry. This transformation takes and deserves time. Every production step is carried out with dedication to obtain an excellent leather product as a result. This is how we achieve the highest quality-level in leather processing. In our premises in Munich, we bring modern engineering skills to our production process. Aluminum and stainless-steel parts are designed and produced here using modern CNC technology. The final assembly also takes place in Munich.

Sustainability & Values

In addition to the time factor, ORNO guarantees a conscious and sustainable use of resources. Products that are particularly rich in raw materials like the ORNO Travel Bag are only available made to order and are individually made for the customer.
Our approach - not to produce for the market, but for the individual customer. ORNO always produces with a keen eye for people and their work, for the materials used and the time spent. We combine sustainable materials policy and social responsibility within the entire production chain. Holistic.
100% fairness and respect.

With our collection we illustrate our aesthetic and moral values.
A process that has been accompanying us for many years.
Freedom, empathy, independent thinking, consciousness.
The ideal building blocks of the ORNO brand.

We want to share our idea of a newly thought luxury understanding, shaped by a great sense of responsibility for people, the craft and materials.